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An organization has launched two applications: one for blogging and one for ECM on the same AWS Linux EC2 instance
running in the AWS VPC. The organization has attached two private IPs (primary and secondary) to the above mentioned
instance. The organization wants the instance OS to recognize the secondary IP address. How can the organization
configure this?

Use the ec2-net-utility package which updates routing tables, uses DHCP to refresh the secondary IP and adds the network interface

Use the ec2-net-utils package which will configure an additional network interface and update the routing table

Use the ec2-ip-update package which can configure the network interface as well as update the secondary IP with DHCP

Use the ec2-ip-utility package which can update the routing tables as well as refresh the secondary IP using DHCP

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user’s AWS account. It enables the user to launch
AWS resources into a virtual network that the user has defined. With VPC the user can specify multiple private IP
addresses for his instances. The number of network interfaces and private IP addresses that a user can specify for an
instance depends on the instance type. This scenario helps when the user wants to host multiple websites on a single
EC2 instance. After the user has assigned a secondary private IP address to his instance, he needs to configure the
operating system on that instance to recognize the secondary private IP address. For AWS Linux, the ec2-net-utils
package can take care of this step. It configures additional network interfaces that the user can attach while the instance
is running, refreshes secondary IP addresses during DHCP lease renewal, and updates the related routing rules.

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