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A user has hosted a website on AWS and uses ELB to load balance the multiple instances. The user application does
not have any cookie management. How can the user bind the session of the requestor with a particular instance?

Bind the IP address with a sticky cookie

Create a cookie at the application level to set at ELB

Use session synchronization with ELB

Let ELB generate a cookie for a specified duration

The key to manage the sticky session is determining how long the load balancer should route the user’s request to the
same application instance. If the application has its own session cookie, then the user can set the Elastic Load Balancing
to create the session cookie to follow the duration specified by the application’s session cookie. If the user’s application
does not have its own session cookie, then he can set the Elastic Load Balancing to create a session cookie by specifying
his own stickiness duration.

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