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A bucket owner has allowed another account’s IAM users to upload or access objects in his bucket. The IAM user of
Account A is trying to access an object created by the IAM user of account B. What will happen in this scenario?

The bucket policy may not be created as S3 will give error due to conflict of Access Rights

It is not possible to give permission to multiple IAM users

AWS S3 will verify proper rights given by the owner of Account A, the bucket owner as well as by the IAM user B to the object

It is not possible that the IAM user of one account accesses objects of the other IAM user

If a IAM user is trying to perform some action on an object belonging to another AWS user’s bucket, S3 will verify whether
the owner of the IAM user has given sufficient permission to him. It also verifies the policy for the bucket as well as the
policy defined by the object owner.

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