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An online gaming site asked you if you can deploy a database that is a fast, highly scalable NoSQL database service in
AWS for a new site that he wants to build. Which database should you recommend?

Amazon Redshift

Amazon SimpleDB

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon RDS

Amazon DynamoDB is ideal for database applications that require very low latency and predictable performance at any
scale but don’t need complex querying capabilities like joins or transactions. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully-managed
NoSQL database service that offers high performance, predictable throughput and low cost. It is easy to set up, operate,
and scale. With Amazon DynamoDB, you can start small, specify the throughput and storage you need, and easily scale
your capacity requirements on the fly. Amazon DynamoDB automatically partitions data over a number of servers to meet
your request capacity. In addition, DynamoDB automatically replicates your data synchronously across multiple
Availability Zones within an AWS Region to ensure high-availability and data durability.

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