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An organization has created 10 IAM users. The organization wants those users to work independently and access AWS.
Which of the below mentioned options is not a possible solution?

Create the access key and secret access key for each user and provide access to AWS using the console

Create the X.509 certificate for each user and provide them access to AWS CLI

Enable MFA for each IAM user and assign them the virtual MFA device to access the console

Provide each user with the IAM login and password for the AWS console

If an organization has created the IAM users, the users can access AWS services either with an IAM specific
login/password or console. The organization can generate the IAM X.509 certificates to access AWS with CLI. The
organization can also enable MFA for each IAM user, which allows an added security for each IAM user. If the
organization has created the access key and secret key than the user cannot access the console using those keys.
Access key and secret access key are useful for CLI or Webservices.

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