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The user has configured AutoScaling based on the dynamic policy. Which of the following is not the right command to
specify a change in capacity as a part of the policy?

“adjustment=-50” (type is PercentChangeInCapacity)

“adjustment=3” (type is ExactCapacity)

“adjustment=-1” (type is ChangeInCapacity)

“adjustment=-8” (type is ExactCapacity)

The user can configure the AutoScaling group to automatically scale up and then scale down based on the various
specified CloudWatch monitoring conditions. The user needs to provide the adjustment value and the adjustment type.
A positive adjustment value increases the current capacity and a negative adjustment value decreases the current
capacity. The user can express the change to the current size as an absolute number, an increment or as a percentage
of the current group size. In this option specifying the exact capacity with the adjustment value = -8 will not work as when
type is exact capacity the adjustment value cannot be negative.

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