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A startup s photo-sharing site is deployed in a VPC. An ELB distributes web traffic across two subnets. ELB session
stickiness is configured to use the AWS-generated session cookie, with a session TTL of 5 minutes. The webserver Auto
Scaling Group is configured as: min-size=4, max-size=4. The startups preparing for a public launch, by running loadtesting software installed on a single EC2 instance running in us-west-2a. After 60 minutes of load-testing, the webserver
logs show:

Which recommendations can help ensure load-testing HTTP requests are evenly distributed across the four webservers?
Choose 2 answers.

Launch and run the load-tester EC2 instance from us-east-1 instead.

Re-configure the load-testing software to re-resolve DNS for each web request.

Use a 3rd-party load-testing service which offers globally-distributed test clients.

Configure ELB and Auto Scaling to distribute across us-west-2a and us-west-2c.

Configure ELB session stickiness to use the app-specific session cookie.

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