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Management has reported an increase in the monthly bill from Amazon web services, and they are extremely concerned
with this increased cost. Management has asked you to determine the exact cause of this increase. After reviewing the
billing report, you notice an increase in the data transfer cost. How can you provide management with a better insight into
data transfer use?

Update your Amazon CloudWatch metrics to use five-second granularity, which will give better detailed metrics that can be combined
with your billing data to pinpoint anomalies.

Use Amazon CloudWatch Logs to run a map-reduce on your logs to determine high usage and data transfer.

Deliver custom metrics to Amazon CloudWatch per application that breaks down application data transfer into multiple, more specific
data points.

Using Amazon CloudWatch metrics, pull your Elastic Load Balancing outbound data transfer metrics monthly, and include them with
your billing report to show which application is causing higher bandwidth usage.

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