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You run a 2000-engineer organization. You are about to begin using AWS at a large scale for the first time. You want to
integrate with your existing identity management system running on Microsoft Active Directory, because your organization
is a power-user of Active Directory. How should you manage your AWS identities in the most simple manner?

Use a large AWS Directory Service Simple AD.

Use a large AWS Directory Service AD Connector.

Use an Sync Domain running on AWS Directory Service.

Use an AWS Directory Sync Domain running on AWS Lambda.

You must use AD Connector as a power-user of Microsoft Active Directory. Simple AD only works with a subset of AD
functionality. Sync Domains do not exist; they are made up answers. AD Connector is a directory gateway that allows
you to proxy directory requests to your on-premises Microsoft Active Directory, without caching any information in the
cloud. AD Connector comes in 2 sizes; small and large. A small AD Connector is designed for smaller organizations of
up to 500 users. A large AD Connector is designed for larger organizations of up to 5,000 users.

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