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You need to grant a vendor access to your AWS account. They need to be able to read protected messages in a private
S3 bucket at their leisure. They also use AWS. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Create an IAM User with API Access Keys. Grant the User permissions to access the bucket. Give the vendor the AWS Access Key
ID and AWS Secret Access Key for the User.

Create an EC2 Instance Profile on your account. Grant the associated IAM role full access to the bucket. Start an EC2 instance with
this Profile and give SSH access to the instance to the vendor.

Create a cross-account IAM Role with permission to access the bucket, and grant permission to use the Role to the vendor AWS

Generate a signed S3 PUT URL and a signed S3 PUT URL, both with wildcard values and 2 year durations. Pass the URLs to the

When third parties require access to your organization’s AWS resources, you can use roles to delegate access to them.
For example, a third party might provide a service for managing your AWS resources. With IAM roles, you can grant
these third parties access to your AWS resources without sharing your AWS security credentials. Instead, the third party
can access your AWS resources by assuming a role that you create in your AWS account.

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