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You are experiencing performance issues writing to a DynamoDB table. Your system tracks high scores for video games
on a marketplace. Your most popular game experiences all of the performance issues. What is the most likely problem?

DynamoDB’s vector clock is out of sync, because of the rapid growth in request for the most popular game.

You selected the Game ID or equivalent identifier as the primary partition key for the table.

Users of the most popular video game each perform more read and write requests than average.

You did not provision enough read or write throughput to the table.

The primary key selection dramatically affects performance consistency when reading or writing to DynamoDB. By
selecting a key that is tied to the identity of the game, you forced DynamoDB to create a hotspot in the table partitions,
and over-request against the primary key partition for the popular game. When it stores data, DynamoDB divides a table’s
items into multiple partitions, and distributes the data primarily based upon the partition key value. The provisioned
throughput associated with a table is also divided evenly among the partitions, with no sharing of provisioned throughput
across partitions.

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