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There is a very serious outage at AWS. EC2 is not affected, but your EC2 instance deployment scripts stopped working
in the region with the outage. What might be the issue?

The AWS Console is down, so your CLI commands do not work.

S3 is unavailable, so you can’t create EBS volumes from a snapshot you use to deploy new volumes.

AWS turns off the DeployCode API call when there are major outages, to protect from system floods.

None of the other answers make sense. If EC2 is not affected, it must be some other issue.

S3 stores all snapshots. If S3 is unavailable, snapshots are unavailable. Amazon EC2 also uses Amazon S3 to store
snapshots (backup copies) of the data volumes. You can use snapshots for recovering data quickly and reliably in case
of application or system failures. You can also use snapshots as a baseline to create multiple new data volumes, expand
the size of an existing data volume, or move data volumes across multiple Availability Zones, thereby making your data
usage highly scalable. For more information about using data volumes and snapshots, see Amazon Elastic Block Store.

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