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Your company wants to understand where cost is coming from in the company’s production AWS account. There are a
number of applications and services running at any given time. Without expending too much initial development time,
how best can you give the business a good understanding of which applications cost the most per month to operate?

Create an automation script which periodically creates AWS Support tickets requesting detailed intra-month information about your bill.

Use custom CloudWatch Metrics in your system, and put a metric data point whenever cost is incurred.

Use AWS Cost Allocation Tagging for all resources which support it. Use the Cost Explorer to analyze costs throughout the month.

Use the AWS Price API and constantly running resource inventory scripts to calculate total price based on multiplication of consumed
resources over time.

Cost Allocation Tagging is a built-in feature of AWS, and when coupled with the Cost Explorer, provides a simple and
robust way to track expenses. You can also use tags to filter views in Cost Explorer. Note that before you can filter views
by tags in Cost Explorer, you must have applied tags to your resources and activate them, as described in the following
sections. For more information about Cost Explorer, see Analyzing Your Costs with Cost Explorer.

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