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Your team wants to begin practicing continuous delivery using CloudFormation, to enable automated builds and deploys
of whole, versioned stacks or stack layers. You have a 3-tier, mission-critical system. Which of the following is NOT a
best practice for using CloudFormation in a continuous delivery environment?

Use the AWS CloudFormation ValidateTemplate call before publishing changes to AWS.

Model your stack in one template, so you can leverage CloudFormation’s state management and dependency resolution to propagate
all changes.

Use CloudFormation to create brand new infrastructure for all stateless resources on each push, and run integration tests on that set
of infrastructure.

Parametrize the template and use Mappings to ensure your template works in multiple Regions.

Putting all resources in one stack is a bad idea, since different tiers have different life cycles and frequencies of change.
For additional guidance about organizing your stacks, you can use two common frameworks: a multi-layered architecture
and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

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