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You currently run your infrastructure on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Auto Scaling group> All logs for you application
are currently written to ephemeral storage. Recently your company experienced a major bug in code that made it through
testing and was ultimately deployed to your fleet. This bug triggered your Auto Scaling group to scale up and back down
before you could successfully retrieve the logs off your server to better assist you in troubleshooting the bug. Which
technique should you use to make sure you are able to review your logs after your instances have shut down?

Configure the ephemeral policies on your Auto Scaling group to back up on terminate.

Configure your Auto Scaling policies to create a snapshot of all ephemeral storage on terminate.

Install the CloudWatch Logs Agent on your AMI, and configure CloudWatch Logs Agent to stream your logs.

Install the CloudWatch monitoring agent on your AMI, and set up new SNS alert for CloudWatch metrics that triggers the CloudWatch
monitoring agent to backup all logs on the ephemeral drive.

Install the CloudWatch monitoring agent on your AMI, Update your Auto Scaling policy to enable automated CloudWatch Log copy.

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