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A customer has a 10 GB AWS Direct Connect connection to an AWS region where they have a web application
hosted on Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2). The application has dependencies on an on-premises
mainframe database that uses a BASE (Basic Available. Sort stale Eventual consistency) rather than an ACID
(Atomicity. Consistency isolation. Durability) consistency model. The application is exhibiting undesirable
behavior because the database is not able to handle the volume of writes. How can you reduce the load on your
on-premises database resources in the most cost- effective way?

Use an Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) S3DistCp as a synchronization mechanism between the onpremises database and a Hadoop cluster on AWS.

Modify the application to write to an Amazon SQS queue and develop a worker process to flush the queue
to the on-premises database.

Modify the application to use DynamoDB to feed an EMR cluster which uses a map function to write to the
on- premises database.

Provision an RDS read-replica database on AWS to handle the writes and synchronize the two databases
using Data Pipeline.


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