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You have multiple Amazon EC2 instances running in a cluster across multiple Availability Zones within the
same region. What combination of the following should be used to ensure the highest network performance
(packets per second), lowest latency, and lowest jitter? Choose 3 answers.

Amazon EC2 placement groups

Enhanced networking

Amazon PV AMI

Amazon HVM AMI

Amazon Linux

Amazon VPC

Enhanced Networking enables you to get significantly higher packet per second (PPS) performance, lower
network jitter and lower latencies. This feature uses a new network virtualization stack that provides higher I/O
performance and lower CPU utilization compared to traditional implementations. In order to take advantage of
Enhanced Networking, you should launch an HVM AMI in VPC, and install the appropriate driver. For
instructions on how to enable Enhanced Networking on EC2 instances, see the Enhanced Networking on Linux
and Enhanced Networking on Windows tutorials. For availability of this feature by instance, or to learn more,
visit the Enhanced Networking FAQ section.

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