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When an EC2 EBS-backed (EBS root) instance is stopped, what happens to the data on any ephemeral store

Data is automatically saved in an EBS volume.

Data is unavailable until the instance is restarted.

Data will be deleted and will no longer be accessible.

Data is automatically saved as an EBS snapshot.

An “EBS-backed” instance is an EC2 instance which uses an EBS volume as it’s root device. An EBS volume
behaves like a raw, unformatted, external block device that you can attach to a single instance and are not
physically attached to the Instance host computer (more like a network attached storage). The volume persists
independently from the running life of an instance. After an EBS volume is attached to an instance, you can use
it like any other physical hard drive. You can also detach an EBS volume from one instance and attach it to
another instance. EBS volumes can also be created as encrypted volumes using the Amazon EBS encryption

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