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A startup company hired you to help them build a mobile application, that will ultimately store billions of images
and videos in S3. The company is lean on funding, and wants to minimize operational costs, however, they
have an aggressive marketing plan, and expect to double their current installation base every six months. Due
to the nature of their business, they are expecting sudden and large increases in traffic to and from S3, and
need to ensure that it can handle the performance needs of their application. What other information must you
gather from this customer in order to determine whether S3 is the right option?

You must know how many customers the company has today, because this is critical in understanding what
their customer base will be in two years.

You must find out the total number of requests per second at peak usage.

You must know the size of the individual objects being written to S3, in order to properly design the key

In order to build the key namespace correctly, you must understand the total amount of storage needs for
each S3 bucket.

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