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A customer implemented AWS Storage Gateway with a gateway-cached volume at their main office. An event
takes the link between the main and branch office offline. Which methods will enable the branch office to
access their data? Choose 3 answers.

Use a HTTPS GET to the Amazon S3 bucket where the files are located.

Restore by implementing a lifecycle policy on the Amazon S3 bucket.

Make an Amazon Glacier Restore API call to load the files into another Amazon S3 bucket within four to six

Launch a new AWS Storage Gateway instance AMI in Amazon EC2, and restore from a gateway snapshot.

Create an Amazon EBS volume from a gateway snapshot, and mount it to an Amazon EC2 instance.

Launch an AWS Storage Gateway virtual iSCSI device at the branch office, and restore from a gateway

A is certainly not right, because files persisted by Storage Gateway to S3 are not visible, let alone be
B is invalid option because you cannot apply Lifecycle Policies because AWS Storage Gateway does not give
you that option. Cached Volumes are never stored to Glacier and hence “C” is not a valid.
Todas alternativa sem S3.

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