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A customer needs to capture all client connection information from their load balancer every five minutes. The
company wants to use this data for analyzing traffic patterns and troubleshooting their applications. Which of
the following options meets the customer requirements?

Enable AWS CloudTrail for the load balancer.

Enable access logs on the load balancer.

Install the Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent on the load balancer.

Enable Amazon CloudWatch metrics on the load balancer.

Elastic Load Balancing access logs
The access logs for Elastic Load Balancing capture detailed information for all requests made to your load
balancer and stores them as log files in the Amazon S3 bucket that you specify. Each log contains details such
as the time a request was received, the client’s IP address, latencies, request path, and server responses. You
can use these access logs to analyze traffic patterns and to troubleshoot your back-end applications. For more
information, see Monitor Your Load Balancer Using Elastic Load Balancing Access Logs.

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