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You are designing Internet connectivity for your VPC. The Web servers must be available on the Internet. The
application must have a highly available architecture.
Which alternatives should you consider? (Choose two.)

Configure a NAT instance in your VPC. Create a default route via the NAT instance and associate it with all
subnets. Configure a DNS A record that points to the NAT instance public IP address.

Configure a CloudFront distribution and configure the origin to point to the private IP addresses of your Web
servers. Configure a Route53 CNAME record to your CloudFront distribution.

Place all your web servers behind EL8. Configure a Route53 CNMIE to point to the ELB DNS name.

Assign EIPs to all web servers. Configure a Route53 record set with all EIPs with health checks and DNS

Configure ELB with an EIP. Place all your Web servers behind ELB. Configure a Route53 A record that
points to the EIP.

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