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A company is deploying a new two-tier web application in AWS. The company has limited staff and requires
high availability, and the application requires complex queries and table joins. Which configuration provides the
solution for the company’s requirements?

MySQL Installed on two Amazon EC2 Instances in a single Availability Zone

Amazon RDS for MySQL with Multi-AZ

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon DynamoDB

When is it appropriate to use DynamoDB instead of a relational database? From our own experience designing
and operating a highly available, highly scalable ecommerce platform, we have come to realize that relational
databases should only be used when an application really needs the complex query, table join and transaction
capabilities of a full-blown relational database. In all other cases, when such relational features are not needed,
a NoSQL database service like DynamoDB offers a simpler, more available, more scalable and ultimately a
lower cost solution.

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