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You would like to create a mirror image of your production environment in another region for disaster recovery
purposes. Which of the following AWS resources do not need to be recreated in the second region? (Choose

Route 53 Record Sets

IM1 Roles

Elastic IP Addresses (EIP)

EC2 Key Pairs

Launch configurations

Security Groups

The Route 53 and IAM are global.
As per the document defined, new IPs should be reserved not the same ones. Elastic IP Addresses are static
IP addresses designed for dynamic cloud computing. Unlike traditional static IP addresses, however, Elastic IP
addresses enable you to mask instance or Availability Zone failures by programmatically remapping your public
IP addresses to instances in your account in a particular region. For DR, you can also pre-allocate some IP
addresses for the most critical systems so that their IP addresses are already known before disaster strikes.
This can simplify the execution of the DR plan. (page 6)

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