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You work for a major news network in Europe. They have just released a new app which allows users to report
on events as and when they happen using their mobile phone. Users are able to upload pictures from the app
and then other users will be able to view these pics. Your organization expects this app to grow very quickly,
essentially doubling it’s user base every month. The app uses S3 to store the media and you are expectingsudden and large increases in traffic to S3 when a major news event takes place (as people will be uploading
content in huge numbers). You need to keep your storage costs to a minimum however and it does not matter if
some objects are lost. Which storage media should you use to keep costs as low as possible?

S3 – Infrequently Accessed Storage.

S3 – Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS).


S3 – Provisioned IOPS.

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