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You have an application running on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance, that uploads
5 GB video objects to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Video uploads are taking longer
than expected, resulting in poor application performance.
Which method will help improve performance of your application?

Enable enhanced networking

Use Amazon S3 multipart upload

Leveraging Amazon CloudFront, use the HTTP POST method to reduce latency.

Use Amazon Elastic Block Store Provisioned IOPs and use an Amazon EBS-optimized instance

Using multipart upload provides the following advantages:
– Improved throughput – You can upload parts in parallel to improve throughput.
– Quick recovery from any network issues – Smaller part size minimizes the impact of
restarting a failed upload due to a network error.
– Pause and resume object uploads – You can upload object parts over time. Once you initiate
a multipart upload there is no expiry; you must explicitly complete or abort the multipart
– Begin an upload before you know the final object size – You can upload an object as you are
creating it.

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