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Which of the following are use cases for Amazon DynamoDB? Choose 3 answers

Storing BLOB data.

Managing web sessions.

Storing JSON documents.

Storing metadata for Amazon S3 objects.

Running relational joins and complex updates.

Storing large amounts of infrequently accessed data.

Ideal Usage Patterns
Amazon DynamoDB is ideal for existing or new applications that need a flexible NoSQL
database with low read and write latencies, and the ability to scale storage and throughput up
or down as needed without code changes or downtime.

Use cases require a highly available and scalable database because downtime or
performance degradation has an immediate negative impact on an organization’s business.
for e.g. mobile apps, gaming, digital ad serving, live voting and audience interaction for live
events, sensor networks, log ingestion, access control for web-based content, metadata
storage for Amazon S3 objects, e-commerce shopping carts, and web session management

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