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Your company plans to host a large donation website on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You
anticipate a large and undetermined amount of traffic that will create many database writes.
To be certain that you do not drop any writes to a database hosted on AWS. Which service
should you use?

Amazon RDS with provisioned IOPS up to the anticipated peak write throughput.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SOS) for capturing the writes and draining the queue to write to
the database.

Amazon ElastiCache to store the writes until the writes are committed to the database.

Amazon DynamoDB with provisioned write throughput up to the anticipated peak write

There is no limit on the number of messages that can be pushed onto SQS. The retention
period of the SQS is 4 days by default and it can be changed to 14 days. This will make sure
that no writes are missed.

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