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A user has configured ELB with Auto Scaling. The user suspended the Auto Scaling terminate
process only for a while. What will happen to the availability zone rebalancing process
(AZRebalance. during this period?

Auto Scaling will not launch or terminate any instances

Auto Scaling will allow the instances to grow more than the maximum size

Auto Scaling will keep launching instances till the maximum instance size

It is not possible to suspend the terminate process while keeping the launch active

Auto Scaling performs various processes, such as Launch, Terminate, Availability Zone
(AZRebalance. etc. The AZRebalance process type seeks to maintain a balanced number of
instances across Availability Zones within a region. If the user suspends the Terminate process,
the AZRebalance process can cause the Auto Scaling group to grow up to ten percent larger than
the maximum size. This is because Auto Scaling allows groups to temporarily grow larger than the
maximum size during rebalancing activities. If Auto Scaling cannot terminate instances, the Auto
Scaling group could remain up to ten percent larger than the maximum size until the user resumes
the Terminate process type.

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