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A user has setup a CloudWatch alarm on an EC2 action when the CPU utilization is above 75%.
The alarm sends a notification to SNS on the alarm state. If the user wants to simulate the alarm
action how can he achieve this?

Run activities on the CPU such that its utilization reaches above 75%

From the AWS console change the state to ‘Alarm’

The user can set the alarm state to ‘Alarm’ using CLI

Run the SNS action manually

Amazon CloudWatch alarms watch a single metric over a time period that the user specifies and
performs one or more actions based on the value of the metric relative to a given threshold over a
number of time periods.The user can test an alarm by setting it to any state using the
SetAlarmState API (mon-set-alarm-state command.. This temporary state change lasts only until
the next alarm comparison occurs.

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