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A user has launched an EC2 instance and deployed a production application in it. The user wants
to prohibit any mistakes from the production team to avoid accidental termination. How can the
user achieve this?

The user can the set DisableApiTermination attribute to avoid accidental termination

It is not possible to avoid accidental termination

The user can set the Deletion termination flag to avoid accidental termination

The user can set the InstanceInitiatedShutdownBehavior flag to avoid accidental termination

It is always possible that someone can terminate an EC2 instance using the Amazon EC2
console, command line interface or API by mistake. If the admin wants to prevent the instance
from being accidentally terminated, he can enable termination protection for that instance. The
DisableApiTermination attribute controls whether the instance can be terminated using the
console, CLI or API. By default, termination protection is disabled for an EC2 instance. When it is
set it will not allow the user to terminate the instance from CLI, API or the console.

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