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A user has launched 5 instances in EC2-CLASSIC and attached 5 elastic IPs to the five different
instances in the US East region. The user is creating a VPC in the same region. The user wants to
assign an elastic IP to the VPC instance. How can the user achieve this?

The user has to request AWS to increase the number of elastic IPs associated with the account

AWS allows 10 EC2 Classic IPs per region; so it will allow to allocate new Elastic IPs to the

The AWS will not allow to create a new elastic IP in VPC; it will throw an error

The user can allocate a new IP address in VPC as it has a different limit than EC2

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC. is a virtual network dedicated to the user’s AWS account. A user can
create a subnet with VPC and launch instances inside that subnet. A user can have 5 IP
addresses per region with EC2 Classic. The user can have 5 separate IPs with VPC in the same
region as it has a separate limit than EC2 Classic.

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