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A user has created a VPC with CIDR The user has used all the IPs of CIDR and
wants to increase the size of the VPC. The user has two subnets: public ( and private
( How can the user change the size of the VPC?

The user can delete all the instances of the subnet. Change the size of the subnets to and, respectively. Then the user can increase the size of the VPC using CLI

It is not possible to change the size of the VPC once it has been created

The user can add a subnet with a higher range so that it will automatically increase the size of

The user can delete the subnets first and then modify the size of the VPC

Once the user has created a VPC, he cannot change the CIDR of that VPC. The user has to
terminate all the instances, delete the subnets and then delete the VPC. Create a new VPC with a
higher size and launch instances with the newly created VPC and subnets.

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