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A user has setup a billing alarm using CloudWatch for $200. The usage of AWS exceeded $200
after some days. The user wants to increase the limit from $200 to $400? What should the user

Create a new alarm of $400 and link it with the first alarm

It is not possible to modify the alarm once it has crossed the usage limit

Update the alarm to set the limit at $400 instead of $200

Create a new alarm for the additional $200 amount

AWS CloudWatch supports enabling the billing alarm on the total AWS charges. The estimated
charges are calculated and sent several times daily to CloudWatch in the form of metric data. This
data will be stored for 14 days. This data also includes the estimated charges for every service in
AWS used by the user, as well as the estimated overall AWS charges. If the user wants to
increase the limit, the user can modify the alarm and specify a new threshold.

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