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A user has setup a CloudWatch alarm on the EC2 instance for CPU utilization. The user has setup
to receive a notification on email when the CPU utilization is higher than 60%. The user is running
a virus scan on the same instance at a particular time. The user wants to avoid receiving an email
at this time. What should the user do?

Remove the alarm

Disable the alarm for a while using CLI

Modify the CPU utilization by removing the email alert

Disable the alarm for a while using the console

Amazon CloudWatch alarm watches a single metric over a time period that the user specifies and
performs one or more actions based on the value of the metric relative to a given threshold over a
number of time periods. When the user has setup an alarm and it is know that for some
unavoidable event the status may change to Alarm, the user can disable the alarm using the
DisableAlarmActions API or from the command line mon-disable-alarm-actions.

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