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A user has created an EBS volume of 10 GB and attached it to a running instance. The user is
trying to access EBS for first time. Which of the below mentioned options is the correct statement
with respect to a first time EBS access?

The volume will show a size of 8 GB

The volume will show a loss of the IOPS performance the first time

The volume will be blank

If the EBS is mounted it will ask the user to create a file system

A user can create an EBS volume either from a snapshot or as a blank volume. If the volume is
from a
snapshot it will not be blank. The volume shows the right size only as long as it is mounted. This
shows that the file system is created. When the user is accessing the volume the AWS EBS will
wipe out the block storage or instantiate from the snapshot. Thus, the volume will show a loss of
IOPS. It is recommended that the user should pre warm the EBS before use to achieve better IO.

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