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A user has configured ELB with two EBS backed instances. The user has stopped the instances
for 1 week to save costs. The user restarts the instances after 1 week. Which of the below
mentioned statements will help the user to understand the ELB and instance registration better?

There is no way to register the stopped instances with ELB

The user cannot stop the instances if they are registered with ELB

If the instances have the same Elastic IP assigned after reboot they will be registered with ELB

The instances will automatically get registered with ELB

Elastic Load Balancing registers the user’s load balancer with his EC2 instance using the
associated IP
address. When the instances are stopped and started back they will have a different IP address.
Thus, they will not get registered with ELB unless the user manually registers them. If the
instances are assigned the same Elastic IP after reboot they will automatically get registered with

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