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A user has configured ELB with Auto Scaling. The user suspended the Auto Scaling AlarmNotification (which notifies
Auto Scaling for CloudWatch alarms) process for a while. What will Auto Scaling do during this period?

AWS will not receive the alarms from CloudWatch

AWS will receive the alarms but will not execute the Auto Scaling policy

Auto Scaling will execute the policy but it will not launch the instances until the process is resumed

It is not possible to suspend the AlarmNotification process

Auto Scaling performs various processes, such as Launch, Terminate Alarm Notification etc. The user can also suspend
individual process. The AlarmNotification process type accepts notifications from the Amazon CloudWatch alarms that
are associated with the Auto Scaling group. If the user suspends this process type, Auto Scaling will not automatically
execute the scaling policies that would be triggered by the alarms.

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