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You have a server with a 5O0GB Amazon EBS data volume. The volume is 80% full. You need to back up the volume at
regular intervals and be able to re-create the volume in a new Availability Zone in the shortest time possible. All
applications using the volume can be paused for a period of a few minutes with no discernible user impact. Which of the
following backup methods will best fulfill your requirements?

Take periodic snapshots of the EBS volume

Use a third party Incremental backup application to back up to Amazon Glacier

Periodically back up all data to a single compressed archive and archive to Amazon S3 using a parallelized multi-part upload

Create another EBS volume in the second Availability Zone attach it to the Amazon EC2 instance, and use a disk manager to mirror
me two disks

EBS volumes can only be attached to EC2 instances within the same Availability Zone.

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