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A user has enabled session stickiness with ELB. The user does not want ELB to manage the cookie; instead
he wants the application to manage the cookie. What will happen when the server instance, which is bound to
a cookie, crashes?

The response will have a cookie but stickiness will be deleted

The session will not be sticky until a new cookie is inserted

ELB will throw an error due to cookie unavailability

The session will be sticky and ELB will route requests to another server as ELB keeps replicating the

With Elastic Load Balancer, if the admin has enabled a sticky session with application controlled stickiness, the
load balancer uses a special cookie generated by the application to associate the session with the original
server which handles the request. ELB follows the lifetime of the application-generated cookie corresponding to
the cookie name specified in the ELB policy configuration. The load balancer only inserts a new stickiness
cookie if the application response includes a new application cookie. The load balancer stickiness cookie does
not update with each request. If the application cookie is explicitly removed or expires, the session stops being
sticky until a new application cookie is issued.

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