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Your assistant just entered the following command on a router:
R67(config)#logging trap 0
Which of the following levels will be trapped? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Emergency

B. Alert

C. Critical

D. Error

E. Warning

F. Notification

When the logging trap command is used and a level number is specified, then only that level and any levels with a LOWER level number will be trapped. The levels
numbers and their names are shown below:
– Emergency(severity 0) – The system is unusable
– Alert (severity 1) – Immediate action is needed
– Critical (severity 2) – Critical condition
– Error (severity 3) – Error condition
– Warning (severity 4) – Warning condition
– Notification (severity 5) – Normal but significant condition

– Informational (severity 6) – Informational message
– Debugging (severity 7) – Debugging message
Since level 0 was specified, then only Level 0 messages (Emergency) will be trapped.
None of the other levels will be trapped because they all have level values over 0, which was specified in the logging trap command.
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