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What is the possible IP range that can be assigned to hosts on a subnet that includes the address

A. –

B. –

C. –

D. –

Range – is the correct answer. To determine the range of addresses that can be assigned in a subnet, you must first determine the

network ID of the subnetwork and the broadcast address of the subnetwork. All addresses that can be assigned to hosts will lie between these endpoints. The
network ID can be obtained by determining the interval between subnet IDs. With a 29-bit mask, the decimal equivalent of the mask will be The
interval between subnets can be derived by subtracting the value of the last octet of the mask from 256. In this case, that operation would be 256 – 248 = 8.
Therefore, the interval is 8.
The first network ID will always be the classful network you started with (in this case Each subnetwork ID will fall at 8-bit intervals as follows:
We can stop at the address because the address given in the scenario,, is in the network with a subnet ID of
Therefore, since the broadcast address for this network will be 1 less than the next subnet ID (, the valid range of IP addresses is – will be the broadcast address for the next subnet, and will be the first valid address in the next subnet.
None of the other answers is the correct range.
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