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Which type of PVLAN port allows a host in the same VLAN to communicate directly with another?

community for hosts in the PVLAN

promiscuous for hosts in the PVLAN

isolated for hosts in the PVLAN

span for hosts in the PVLAN

The types of private VLAN ports are as follows:
+ Promiscuous – The promiscuous port can communicate with all interfaces, including the community and
isolated host ports, that belong to those secondary VLANs associated to the promiscuous port and associated
with the primary VLAN
+ Isolated – This port has complete isolation from other ports within the same private VLAN domain, except that
it can communicate with associated promiscuous ports.
+ Community — A community port is a host port that belongs to a community secondary VLAN. Community
ports communicate with other ports in the same community VLAN and with associated promiscuous ports.
These interfaces are isolated from all other interfaces in other communities and from all isolated ports within
the private VLAN domain.

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