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Compliance with company policy requires a quarterly review of firewall rules. A new administrator is asked to
conduct this review on the internal firewall sitting between several Internal networks. The intent of this firewall is
to make traffic more restrictive. Given the following information answer the questions below:
User Subnet: Server Subnet: Finance Subnet:
Instructions: To perform the necessary tasks, please modify the DST port, Protocol, Action, and/or Rule Order
columns. Firewall ACLs are read from the top down
Task 1) An administrator added a rule to allow their machine terminal server access to the server subnet. This
rule is not working. Identify the rule and correct this issue.
Task 2) All web servers have been changed to communicate solely over SSL. Modify the appropriate rule to
allow communications.
Task 3) An administrator added a rule to block access to the SQL server from anywhere on the network. This
rule is not working. Identify and correct this issue.
Task 4) Other than allowing all hosts to do network time and SSL, modify a rule to ensure that no other traffic is

Answer: See the explanation

Firewall rules should be re-arranged to look like as given in explanation.

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