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A benefit of quality of service (QoS) is that the:

entire network’s availability and performance will be significantly improved.

telecom carrier will provide the company with accurate service-level compliance reports.

participating applications will have guaranteed service levels.

communications link will be supported by security controls to perform secure online transactions.

The main function of QoS is to optimize network performance by assigning priority to business

applications and end users, through the allocation of dedicated parts of the bandwidth to specific
traffic. Choice A is not true because the communication itself will not be improved. While the speed
of data exchange for specific applications could be faster, availability will not be improved. The QoS
tools that many carriers are using do not provide reports of service levels; however, there are other
tools that will generate service-level reports. Even when QoS is integrated with firewalls, VPNs,
encryption tools and others, the tool itself is not intended to provide security controls.

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