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Facilitating telecommunications continuity by providing redundant combinations of local carrier T-1
lines, microwaves and/or coaxial cables to access the local communication loop:

last-mile circuit protection.

long-haul network diversity.

diverse routing.

alternative routing.

The method of providing telecommunication continuity through the use of many recovery facilities,
providing redundant combinations of local carrier T-ls, microwave and/or coaxial cable to access
the local communication loop in the event of a disaster, is called last-mile circuit protection.
Providing diverse long-distance network availability utilizing T-l circuits among major long-distance
carriers is called long-haul network diversity. This ensures long-distance access should any one
carrier experience a network failure. The method of routing traffic through split-cable facilities or
duplicate-cable facilities is called diverse routing. Alternative routing is the method of routing

information via an alternative medium, such as copper cable or fiber optics.

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