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During a review of a business continuity plan, an IS auditor noticed that the point at which a situation
is declared to be a crisis has not been defined. The MAJOR risk associated with this is that:

assessment of the situation may be delayed.

execution of the disaster recovery plan could be impacted.

notification of the teams might not occur.

potential crisis recognition might be ineffective.

Execution of the business continuity plan would be impacted if the organization does not know
when to declare a crisis. Choices A, C and D are steps that must be performed to know whether to
declare a crisis. Problem and severity assessment would provide information necessary in
declaring a disaster. Once a potential crisis is recognized, the teams responsible for crisis
management need to be notified. Delaying this step until a disaster has been declared would
negate the effect of having response teams. Potential crisis recognition is the first step in
responding to a disaster.

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