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The MOST effective biometric control system is the one:

which has the highest equal-error rate (EER).

which has the lowest EER.

for which the false-rejection rate (FRR) is equal to the false-acceptance rate (FAR).

for which the FRR is equal to the failure-to-enroll rate (FER).

The equal-error rate (EER) of a biometric system denotes the percent at which the falseacceptance rate (FAR) is equal to the false-rejection rate (FRR). The biometric that has the lowest
EER is the most effective. The biometric that has the highestEER is the most ineffective. For any
biometric, there will be a measure at which the FRR will be equal to the FAR. This is the EER. FER
is an aggregate measure of FRR.

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