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The MOST important difference between hashing and encryption is that hashing:

is irreversible.

output is the same length as the original message.

is concerned with integrity and security.

is the same at the sending and receiving end.

Hashing works one way; by applying a hashing algorithm to a message, a message hash/digest is
created. If the same hashing algorithm is applied to the message digest, it will not result in the
original message. As such, hashing is irreversible, whileencryption is reversible. This is the basic
difference between hashing and encryption. Hashing creates an output that is smaller than the
original message, and encryption creates an output of the same length as the original message.

Hashing is usedto verify the integrity of the message and does not address security. The same
hashing algorithm is used at the sending and receiving ends to generate and verify the message
hash/digest. Encryption will not necessarily use the same algorithm at the sending and receiving
end to encrypt and decrypt.

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