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The potential for unauthorized system access by way of terminals or workstations within an
organization’s facility is increased when:

connecting points are available in the facility to connect laptops to the network.

users take precautions to keep their passwords confidential.

terminals with password protection are located in insecure locations.

terminals are located within the facility in small clusters under the supervision of an administrator.

Any person with wrongful intentions can connect a laptop to the network. The insecure connecting
points make unauthorized access possible if the individual has knowledge of a valid user ID and
password. The other choices are controls for preventing unauthorized network access. If system
passwords are not readily available for intruders to use, they must guess, introducing an additional
factor and requires time. System passwords provide protection against unauthorized use of
terminals located in insecure locations. Supervision is a very effective control when used to monitor
access to a small operating unit or production resources.

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